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Education and Morality

Celebration of United Nations Day

St. Thomas College, Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka

October 15, 2012

The United Nations Organisation (UNO) is indeed one of the World’s noblest creations. After two terrible World Wars in the 20th Century, world leaders realized that an institutionalized mechanism was required to forewarn of potential conflicts or manage them when they erupt.

Women & Leadership

Chatham Hall Leaders in Residence

Chatham Hall, Chatham, Virginia, USA

April 18, 2009

We are going to talk about women in leadership during the next two half days. This is a topic that has been much discussed especially in the last two centuries. Even at this moment during our era, innumerable hours are spent discussing this subject and searching for solutions to increase women participation in all aspects of public life. Many more hours are spent on the subject of women's liberation and giving women their rightful place in their homes and in their work places....

"Education engenders dialogue and understanding between different viewpoints"

33rd Session of the General Conference of UNESCO

Paris, France

October 3, 2005

I am indeed happy and honoured to be amongst this august gathering and to be associated with the inauguration of the 33 rd Session of the General Conference of UNESCO. I wish to thank the President of the General Conference, for the kind words of welcome....

Development and Education

Royal College Prize Awarding Ceremony

Colombo, Sri Lanka

April 4, 2003

1. Getting opportunities such as these to address school children, are what I most look forward to, in my calender of events. This is because addressing school children gives me great opportunities to talk about a subject I cherish most; i. e. Education....

Sustainable Development through Education

Launch of South Asia Foundation's Learning Initiative

Colombo, Sri Lanka

February 18, 2003

I am truly happy to be here with you at the inauguration of the South Asia Foundation General Conference and to be associated with the launching of the Foundation’s Learning Initiative. It is my pleasure to warmly welcome the distinguished participants from all the South Asian countries to Sri Lanka. I take this opportunity to extend my congratulations and those of my Government, to Ambassador Madanjeet Singh for having had the vision to initiate this great enterprise....

Revolution in the Education System

Royal College Prize Awarding Ceremony

Colombo, Sri Lanka

September 6, 2002

Royal College is the oldest academic institution in Sri Lanka. Thousands of young men were moulded by this institution in the best of traditions. Many Royalists have held and are holding the highest decision making positions in government and elsewhere. The country is grateful to Royal College for imbibing correct values and strong personality traits in generations, which have gone through the portals of this institution....